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    Hindustani Classical Vocal & Hindi Light Classical Singing Lessons Testimonials:

  • The online Hindustani classical vocal singing class lessons by GAALC school of Indian music is a good distance learning resource. Sanjay, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  • The Hindi light classical music curriculum includes the traditional and the popular modern Hindi singing trends, a wonderful combination indeed. Monica, Singapore.

  • Online Hindi singing teachers at GAALC Indian vocal music school academy provide excellent Hindi film songs singing online classes (Bollywood movies songs lessons). I am happy to get online vocal training on all the songs performed by my favorite Hindi film movies singers and music composers. Sonia, San Diego, California, USA

  • Learning Hindi Bhajans online including Krishna bhajans, Shiv bhajans, Kabir bhajans and Meera bhajans singing lessons has been an enriching experience. Thanks to all of my devotional singing training gurus at GAALC. Aastha, Birmingham, UK.

  • The online sufi singing lessons by GAALC music school in India is the best devotional singing classes i have experienced. I have learnt devotional music in different styles from a few music schools, GAALC is one of the best Indian music school having real talented teaching faculty. Aman, Los Angles, California, USA

  • Hindustani classical vocal singing online lessons is a great Indian music training program that includes optimum basic level practice sessions to build up a strong foundation for the advanced level training in raga based Hindi singing music compositions. Surendra, Berlin, Germany

  • Excellent online Hindustani light classical singing tutorials. Bharat, Sydny, New South Wales, Australia.

  • The best part of Hindustani classical singing online lessons is the live practice of the raga based compositions in the advanced level Hindustani vocal classes. Kishor, Madrid, Spain.

  • Within Last 30 months of my online Hindustani vocal training i have been able to learn singing most of my favorite light classical hindi film songs and the Hindustani classical based old Hindi movies songs by my favourite Bollywood singers. I have started performing in small community parties now. Thanks GAALC. Namita, Houston, Texas, USA.

  • My Indian Hindustani light classical vocal singing trainer at GAALC is a wonderful Hindustani voice training instructor. Anand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Hindustani Classical Music Instruments Training Lessons Testimonials:

  • Learning Sitar online with my Sitar guru in India is a pleasant experience, thank you, Mr. Yoshio, Tokyo, Japan    (www.SitarLessonsOnline.com)

  • Online Tabla training lessons by GAALC India truly exceed my expeetations with music e-learning program. Ms. Alice, London, UK    (www.TablaLessonsOnline.com)

  • Love to learn Santoor online with my Santoor guru @ GAALC music academy. Nitish, Chennai, T.N., India.    (www.SantoorLessonsOnline.com)

  • Completed 98 hours of online Bansuri Flute training with GAALC this week, undoubtedly an excellent training program. Julia Madrid, Spain   (www.BansuriLessonsOnline.com)

  • GAALC Sarod lessons on Skype are simply a wonderful learning experience. Thank you James,London,UK    (www.SarodLessonsOnline.com)

  • My online Sarangi learning class lessons with my Sarangi guru-ji is going on well and i am happy with online Sarangi training guru, he is a great teacher. Sameer, Hyderabad, AP, India    (www.SarangiLessonsOnline.com)

  • I am extremly happy with my Hindustani classical music online Rudra Veena training instructor. James, Auckland, New Zealand.    (www.VeenaLessonsOnline.com)

  • The online Harmonium learning lessons are very good, i love playing it. Sunny, London, UK.    (www.HarmoniumLessonsOnline.com)

  • Learning Shabad on Rabab is wonderful, playing Hindustani classical music on Rabab / Rubab musical instruments is divine blessing, my Indian Rabab guru teacher at GAALC music academy in India is the best online Rabab training instructors, always encouraging and supportive. Harvinder Singh, Toronto, Canada.

  • Online Dholak training Lessons are interesting, regards to my online Dholak instructor Mr. Anmol. James, Austerdom, Netherland.

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